Boilers, Piping, Plumbing, and Code Compliance. 

About Our Servicing

Boilers, piping, plumbing and code compliance are services Wrigley Mechanical, Inc., offers its customers. On the boiler side, Wrigley is National Board Certified with the “R” stamp to do repairs of boilers. Mud legs, re-tubes, casing replacements, boiler parts, tube repairs, tube patching, tube shields, tube cladding, manhole repairs, drum repairs, manway repairs, and pressure vessel components are all ways we can fix your boiler. Sometimes replacements are necessary, but in many instances a simple complete re-tube can achieve the desired reliability at a fraction of the cost.

On the piping side, Wrigley is ASME certified with the “S” stamp for Power Boilers, “U” stamp for unfired pressure vessels, and “PP” stamp for power piping. Unless it is nuclear, we can fix it.

With our history in the boiler, power piping, plumbing, and process piping industry we have dozens of clients who rely on our specialty services to fix their problems. In addition to boilers and welded piping systems, Wrigley also has licensed plumbers and pipe-fitters to tackle any commercial or industrial plumbing or heating service situation.