Heavy Equipment Setting, Process Piping, Equipment Construction, and Welding

Heavy Equipment Setting/Rigging

Industrial installations often include extensive work with heavy equipment, including cranes. Job safety, complexity, scheduling, craft integration and budget management are all considerations during the placement of industrial equipment. Since it’s inception, Wrigley Mechanical has prided itself in creative problem solving; this is certainly the case when large pieces of equipment need to be placed.

Jacking, moving, cribbing, rolling, hoisting, and final alignment are all tasks under Wrigley Mechanical’s umbrella of core services.

No matter what we are moving, our number one priority is the safety of project personnel and owners’ equipment. You can feel confident that your job will be done right.

Process Piping

Wrigley Mechanical is fully licensed by the governing boards that oversee the demands of mechanical installations. Supervisors are licensed as plumbers and steamfitters, and all crewmembers are licensed members of their trades, usually as journeyman and apprentices. Welders are certified for power piping, ASME work or specific job related piping applications (i.e.: 304SS, 316SS, 310SS, PVC, HDPE, Carbon, Corten, and High Chrome).

Wrigley Mechanical crew-members don’t hesitate on the job when their work is critical. In below-zero weather or extreme heat, Wrigley’s dedicated crew is prepared and able to deal with the conditions.

Boiler Equipment & Construction

Boiler technology has progressed a great deal in recent years, keeping pace with advanced computerization and increasingly strict environmental regulations. From packaged boilers to field erected boiler systems designed on the job site to fit limited spaces, we have a history of reliability and experience. Wrigley Mechanical can install or repair boilers of all types, fired by any kind of fuel. The company prides itself on creative solutions to the difficult questions that seem to always appear during a boiler installation. Under all conditions and tight deadlines, during shutdown periods and outages, reliable Wrigley field supervisors and crew-members continue to reinforce a reputation for excellence throughout the boiler industry.

Oil & Gas

From our fabrication services to field construction, the oil and gas industry is a constantly growing part of our business. Wrigley Mechanical has been involved in a wide variety of oil and gas projects throughout the upper Midwest, including waste heat recovery, power generation, pipeline station fabrication, repairs on piping systems, separators, and compressor station jet change outs. Working with the owners our mechanics supply what is necessary through startup. Being an ASME certified company, we have an in-house Quality Control Manager who oversees all code welding. In addition we comply with the necessary API codes and have performed chart recorded hydro tests in excess of 3,200 PSIG. Working in the oil and gas industry we are accustomed to NDE (X-ray, mag particle, and UT) along with performing hydro tests on various fabrications and installations.


Today’s mechanical construction requires a wide variety of welding capabilities. Wrigley Mechanical is capable of welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, high chrome, inconel, and other exotic metals. Where necessary, procedures along with welders are “qualified” according to our quality control program. Whether you are taking advantage of our wire feed welders in our fabrication shop or utilizing our field crews and one of our over 200 welding units (4 packs, 6 packs, and singles), our QC program is second to none and you always know that your product is manufactured to the highest standards. Old fashioned attention to detail and dedication to our craft is the trademark of Wrigley Mechanical.