Custom fabrication of piping, duct work and structural steel of all materials began at Wrigley Mechanical, Inc. in a small shop over 25 years ago. The basis of the fabrication was to eliminate field hydro testing and bring the test into a controlled environment.

What became of that first project was the vision and future of Wrigley Mechanical, Inc. Today our 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Fargo, N.D., is a success. All of the projects we participate in benefit from our shop. Accelerated production, onsite space considerations, critical path crashing, equipment delivery and control are just a few of the benefits of our fabrication shop, not to mention there are no rain days under our roof. In addition to all kinds of piping, we fabricate heavy ductwork, structural steel platforms, and many other custom weldments.

Under the five overhead cranes (including two synchronized 10-ton that can carry large equipment from inside the plant to be loaded directly onto trucks outside), there are 16 jib cranes, and more than a dozen dual wire-feed welders. For each product working its way through the shop there are specialty tools including rollers, positioners, iron workers, plasma rigs, and torches to help it on its way. Wrigley has daily working relationships with many local laser and plasma cutters to facilitate the manufacture of smaller custom parts making our shop one of the most efficient in the upper Midwest. The materials sent to the shop are for the most part detailed by skilled auto CAD operators who know our business inside and out. In our fabrication shop the motto is: "If you can think it, we can build it."

Boiler Repair

One of the unique items we bring into our fabrication shop is boilers. Smaller boilers (usually less than 20,000 pounds), mobile boilers, and boilers to be relocated can have repairs done to them off site saving time, mobilization charges, and inspection fees. Many customers remove their smaller boilers in the summer for us to fix up and then reinstall them prior to the heating season. Give Bradley a call... he is ready!


Piping fabrication is the foundation of our fabrication facility. We are always ready for piping fabrication. From carbon steel to stainless, Corten to inconel, P11 to low temp applications, whether it is butt weld, socket weld, TIG, MIG, or stick, Wrigley can weld your piping to your specifications.


Through over 5,000 projects we have completed since inception, Wrigley Mechanical has completed many large scale industrial ductwork projects. Pollution control requirements and combustion technology have driven many of our customers to modify existing or install complete new flue gas, combustion air, pulsing, and FGR systems. Wrigley is capable of 3D modeling and running these duct fabrications through to the end product. A recent project included a 13' x 24' x 40' tall complete baghouse fabrication.

Custom Structural Steel

One of the most important features of a safe workplace is access. Wrigley Mechanical works with all of our customers to supply access to critical mechanical components at their place of business. Food facilities often require stainless or aluminum platforms and railing. Our fabrication shop regularly fabricates custom access platforms. Design services and PE stamping of structural drawings are available upon request. Contact Matt when you are ready for safer access.


In the industrial field many custom ASME vessels are used in a wide variety of applications. Wrigley Mechanical is capable of design, manufacturing, and certification of new ASME vessels. In addition, in many cases it is cost effective to repair parts of existing vessels. Take advantage of our shop productivity and bring in your vessel by truck or train and we will repair it in our shop sending it back fully tested and certified.