Complete design-build services from concept to commissioning have been an industry trend. The cohesion and common goals of a design-build team are a critical component for success. By working together and communicating daily throughout the project, everyone wins. As is the case with our other core services, Wrigley Mechanical has achieved great success on fast track projects.


Over the past few years Wrigley has been the lead or on the team of the following design-build projects:

  • 1,000 ton chiller replacement – Anheiser-Busch (Moorhead, MN)
  • 350 ton chiller installation and building – Anheiser-Busch (Moorhead, MN)
  • 300’x30’ elevated packaging expansion – Barrel-O-Fun (Perham, MN)
  • 120 ton per day plant expansion – Pope/Douglas Counties (Alexandria, MN)
  • Microsoft Campus Expansion – (Fargo, ND)
  • ADP Data Center Mission Critical Facility – (Sioux Falls, SD)

In the end, if an owner is looking to participate in the design and installation and also has serious scheduling hurdles to overcome, design-build can be a great alternative to plan and spec projects. Wrigley Mechanical brings years of experience and custom selected professional staff to all of our design-build projects so owners have the confidence their project will be completed on time and on budget.